We are composed of young professionals who has been working for the company for a long time. Our expertise in manufacturing industry help build a good harmony inside the company. One of the most significant and common skills that we have is the knowledge about the level of request of western countries. We have accumulated best practices for this particular industry and now we are ready to assist our clients efficiently and effectively.


Fabrice Taieb graduated from one of the top 5 engineering university in France "Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM)" a French engineering and research graduate school (Grande Ecole). He began his career as a product manager and one of the share holder of a well known company in France. After few years he bought a new company in France and at the same time established a company with a taiwanese business man in China. During his time in Asia he acquired a deep knowledge of China and Taiwan Operations. He evaluated more than 2000 factories checking the stability and quality of their operation. Having a different view with his taiwanese partner, He decided to build another company Enimex International Limited in 2005. Until now, he never stop on creating a mark of success, he continue on pushing people to concentrate on what they do best and as a result it provides a better result for the company and to the clients.